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7 Woodturning Tips

by Paul Carter | February 03, 2016

Woodturners at Carter and Son Toolworks share seven tips they've found to be invaluable. Enjoy, and happy turning!

1. The tailstock is your cheapest insurance. Whenever possible, take advantage of the tailstock. It comes with your lathe and a stable, secure piece is always easier to work with. 
2. Ride the bevel. Pay attention to how you're using your tools. Take it slow and remember to ride the bevel. 
3. Use sandpaper like someone else is paying for it. Don't overuse the same piece of sandpaper, an 800 grit piece can quickly become dull. 
4. A sharp tool is a safe tool. Sharpening can be a difficult skill to master, but it is essential to woodturning. Sharp tools are safer and more enjoyable to use. Be patient and take the time to learn to sharpen, it will pay off. 
5. You see better with your hands. Don't just look at your work, feel it. Oftentimes your hands can best assess the shape and smoothness of a piece.
6. Master the basics. Every aspect of woodturning is based on some basic skills that are critical to learn. Don't feel rushed to learn complicated cuts, master the basics. 
7. Practice. Spend time at the lathe, it makes all the difference! 

Questions or tips of your own? Share in the comments below.

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