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  • Wood Lathe Turning Tools: Skew Chisel
  • Wood Lathe Turning Tools: Skew Chisel
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3/4" Skew

$ 89.99

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  • How This Tool Is Built
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Skews are popular for providing a glassy-smooth finish and versatility. 

What makes a 5-star 3/4” skew chisel?

  • Sports a round tang for strength, stability & longevity
  • Rounded top and bottom edge for increased maneuverability
  • Superior M42 high speed steel ensures less grinding & cleaner cuts
  • Put comfort and control first with an aluminum handle
  • Sharpened & inspected
  • Completely interchangeable handle system
  • 100% American manufacturing backed by a lifetime guarantee

The Specs

  • Blade measures 3/4” outside diameter x 9-1/2” overall, 5/16” thick
  • 1/2” tang diameter
  • 12” x 3/4” handle & 1/2” adapter


    How This Tool Is Built

    We started with a sharper edge, but we didn't stop there. Vanquish vibration, say adios to constant resharpening, and let wispy shavings fly. Delivering superior performance at your lathe is what drives our manufacturing. Keep reading to step into our factory and discover the rigorous process that makes our tools unequalled.

    It's been 40 years in the making. That's right, M42 high speed steel has frequented our factory for 4 decades and was a clear choice for the tools. You'll grind less - a cobalt additive bumps M42’s red hardness off the charts for impressive wear resistance. And cuts will be cleaner - the steel produces a finer, sharper edge. M42 is a win-win: less grinding and smooth cuts. 

    Our M42 starts as solid stock and is precision machined (not formed) with a unique round tang. 

    Rigorous and extensive. That sums up our manufacturing process. But just glance at that good looking tool to the left. Every inch proclaims "superior performance at your lathe!"

    This is perfectly demonstrated by each tool's vibration-demolishing round tang, with a diameter so precise you'll here a 'pop' when you pull it out of the handle. And the flutes, meticulously polished for speedy chip flow and a sharper edge. And of course, everything is sharp and hand-inspected before arriving at your shop. 

    We haven't even started sharing about our patented aluminum handles! (Can you tell we love talking tools?) They're designed for balance, maneuverability, and interchangeability. 

    Our manufacturing is comprehensive. At the lathe, you'll feel the workmanship.


    2-Day Shipping. Free Returns.

    Priority Shipping means your tool will arrive at your lathe shortly! 

    United States  Over $175 FREE Priority 2-Day Shipping
    United States Under $175 $4.95 Priority 2-Day Shipping 
    Canada (under 20lbs) $24.99 Priority Shipping
    Canada (over 20lbs) $44.99 Standard Shipping
    International (under 20 lbs) $64.95 Priority Shipping
    International (over 20lbs) $84.95 Standard Shipping

     Returns are hassle free. Give us a call or send us an email and we'll provide you with a return mailing label and complete refund.  

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Skewed Right

    To many the skew is a difficult tool to learn to use. I recently purchased a 3/4" skew and have found it to be a very versatile tool. I am still learning its secrets. The way i use it the grind is perfect. I have a 1-1/4" skew from another manufacturer, the interesting thing is that particular tool, was described by a "famous turner" as a negative bevel scraper. The grind is not the same and its use seems to be somewhat limited due to the sharp corner on the down side of the tool. Have thought of regrinding that tool to reflect the style grind used on the Carter and Son tool, I think it would make the larger tool more useful. I am learning these tools from Carter and Son are truly the standard.

    Don't fear the skew anymore

    I can't put this tool down. Sure changed my mind about skews. Carter and Son are the best tools I own. GREAT!! customer service on top of that.

    The absolute best skews I've ever used.

    I have been turning for a very long time. I started out with the old carbon steel tools and over the years worked my way up to HSS tools. Recently I purchased the 1" skew from Carter and Sons and was so impressed I now have all 3 of their skews and the low profile 3/4" spindle gouge. The quality of all the tools is unsurpassed. The extra mass that is incorporated into their tools reduces vibration and the M42 HSS holds an edge much longer than anything I've ever used. Great work guys!!! I now have a tool maker I can count on.

    Beats HSS and Carbide

    I've owned and used many types of Skews and Gouges made with High Speed Steel (HSS) and Carbide and have been dissatisfied with their performance. The HSS tools became dull too quickly and I would have to stop and sharpen them at the grinder just when I was in the "groove". The Carbide tools have chipped when I hit a bushing or knocked the tool on the lathe which meant either discarding it or spending a lot of time at the diamond stone getting an edge back.

    I just finished using the 3/4 inch Carter and Sons, M42 steel Skew, turning Paduk wood and I'm extremely satisfied with this American made tool. In fact I just ordered another C&S Spindle Gouge. I truly appreciate quality tools. After 50 years in my woodworking hobby and 35 years as a NASA Contractor Engineer, I know quality when I use it. This company's products exhibit the American quality I've been missing for a long time. Thank you Carter and Sons.

    Custom made skew chisels

    I had 4 3/4" skews ground 3/8" thick , to be used as small box scrapers. I had them leave the end left square so that I could grind them to the shape I needed. The tools came with the same wonderful finish as all the rest of the tools. I have not put them to use yet , but expect they will preform with the same quality results as all the rest of the tools. Wilbert Ponthieux

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