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1/2" Skew

$ 69.99

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Skews have a strong following thanks to their smooth finish & versatility. 

What makes a 5-star 1/2” skew chisel?

  • Sports a round tang for strength, stability & longevity
  • Rounded top and bottom edge for increased maneuverability
  • Superior M42 high speed steel ensures less grinding & cleaner cuts at the lathe
  • Put comfort and control first with an aluminum handle
  • Sharpened & inspected
  • Completely interchangeable handle system
  • 100% American manufacturing backed by a lifetime guarantee & hassle-free returns

The Specs

  • Blade measures 1/2” outside diameter x 9-1/2” overall, 1/4” thick
  • 1/2” tang diameter
  • 12” x 3/4” handle & 1/2” adapter

M42 makes the cut

It’s no wonder M42 high speed steel is favored across industries. A distinct cobalt additive bumps M42’s red hardness off the charts for impressive wear resistance. And M42’s unique structure produces a finer, sharper edge. 

For you, M42 means less time grinding and cleaner cuts at the lathe. Carter & Son was founded because we realized many tools are machined from subpar steel, leaving us (and you!) making far too many trips to the grinder. M42 is the optimal steel for turning wood. It holds a long-lasting razor edge and is quickly sharpened on a conventional grinder.

Put comfort & control 1st 

Carter & Son handles offer comfort and control at your lathe. Aluminum is the perfect weight for a balanced feel. And the comfortable shape fits your hand. Tight tolerances achieved in our factory mean your tool and adapter fit snuggly, reducing vibration. Interchangeability is possible using our aluminum adapters. 

    Carter & Son Workmanship

    • Every tool starts with a meticulous design. For example, a unique round tang is designed for strength and chatter-reduction.
    • All our materials are certified and sourced in the United States. 
    • Throughout our precision manufacturing process we keep tolerances tight. This ensures strength, longevity, and cuts chatter. 
    • Your tool has been hand-polished, sharpened and inspected. Quality is in the details, and details are our specialty. 
    • At Carter & Son Toolworks our customers are most important. Returns are hassle-free. Our sharpening center is happy to answer questions. Give us a call or send us an email anytime. Visit our contact page. 

    In our Seattle factory meticulous designs (like a round tang for enhanced strength) meet American materials. Precision manufacturing keeps tolerances tight (boosting control and cutting chatter). And you’ll know it’s a Carter & Son tool by the personal touches. Like a hand-polished flute and  sharp edge. We get the details right. You experience quality at the lathe.

    2-Day Shipping. Free Returns.

    Priority Shipping means your tool will arrive at your lathe shortly! 

    United States  Over $175 FREE Priority 2-Day Shipping
    United States Under $175 $4.95 Priority 2-Day Shipping 
    Canada (under 20lbs) $29.99 Priority Shipping
    Canada (over 20lbs) $44.99 Standard Shipping
    International (under 20 lbs) $64.95 Priority Shipping
    International (over 20lbs) $74.95 Standard Shipping

     Returns are hassle free. Give us a call or send us an email and we'll provide you with a return mailing label and complete refund.  

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Great tools

    These are great tools. Sharper than any other tool I have.

    Buy Quality! Buy Once! Buy American!

    I am happy to report that the 1/2 inch skew with radius is absolutely marvelous. I could not be happier with the tool. Five (5) Star Rating all the way, all day long. The tool steel is fabulous as it is easy to sharpen, takes a very keen edge, and the best part is that it retains that edge for a very long time. The fit into the handle is a joy, as I get a chuckle every time I remove and/or insert the tool. It really must be experienced first hand to get the full understanding. I was unsure how I would like the handle due to the material type, and once in hand and feeling the weight I was even more skeptical as too my satisfaction. Here again I am impressed, the balance of the total tool is so good that the weight of the tool is not noticed, but rather gives me a feeling of confidence.
    Fit and Finish is second to none, and far superior than that, Carter and Sons have not settled for just being better than the rest, they have sought to produce a product that is as superior as technology will allow, and they have succeeded, with no detail left unattended. True Craftmanship! And it shows.
    I have the intentions of making all my future turning tool purchases with Carter and Sons. I purchased a lot of new turning tools the past 12 months, I wish I had known about Carter and Sons when I started. If I had, the only tools that would have been purchased without the Carter and Sons name on them would have been tools they do not make, period! They are that good!

    Fine, American - made tools.

    There is really not much to a lathe tool, a chunk of tool steel with a handle. Carter and Sons use M-series steel which has a good amount of cobalt in it. That make the steel not only hard but tougher than regular O1.
    The tool comes sharpened so only requires honing during use and holds an edge well.
    It's heavy but well balanced and very easy to use. A very nice tool that you will have forever.

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