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woodturning projects, wood turning tools and their uses explained, and more woodturning articles.

7 Essential Turning Tools You Need: Woodturning Tools & Their Uses Explained

Too many. Have those words ever run through your mind while browsing the endless types of woodturning tools available? Thankfully, tools are our specialty. Within this article we guide you through basic woodturning tools, their uses, and the 7 essential tools you need.

5 Essential Woodturning Tips

Don't turn on the lathe without reading these woodturning tips from our shop to yours.

Transform Logs > Bowls

A practical article demonstrating the steps to shaping logs into useable bowl blanks.

7 Ways to Master Spindle Turning

7 indispensable spindle turning tips from professional woodworker Nick Cook.

7 Ways NOT to Turn a Bowl

There are lots of tips out there for bowl turning. Nick Cook takes a different approach.

5 Sources for Free Wood

Score free wood from our top 5 sources. 

The Basics of Bowl Design

Take your bowl turning to a new level with these basic design techniques.

5 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Lathe

Keep your lathe in tip top shape with these 5 simple maintenance ideas. 

 Woodturning projects, basic woodturning tools and their uses explained, how to sharpen woodturning tools, and more.

The Essential Sharpening Video

Sharpening is tricky. In this detailed video we guide you through the sharpening process for a full range of woodturning tools. 

The 'Sharpie' Method: A Sharpening Trick

The 'sharpie' method is one of our favorite tricks, and a handy technique in your sharpening tool belt. 

Sharpening a Woodturning Bowl Gouge

In this short guide, we walk you through sharpening the popular bowl gouge. Restore a perfect grind, and get back to the lathe!


Wood lathe projects, small woodturning projects, and woodturning videos.

Turned Wooden Box: Tutorial

Learn one of our favorite woodturning projects, a wooden box. Enjoy this step-by-step video guide, and then try it on your lathe!

Turned Wooden Bowl: Tutorial

The classic bowl is one of the most woodturning popular projects. Our step-by-step video tutorial will prepare you to tackle your own wooden bowl.