Top-Rated: Carter and Son Woodturning Tools

Quality wood lathe turning tools are something to talk about! Read on to see what turners across the globe are saying about Carter and Son Toolworks and how quality tools are changing their woodturning. Join the page, send thoughts on your Carter and Son turning tool here.

Wood lathe turning tool reviews

Wood lathe turning tool reviews

Thank you, I'm happy like a kid with a new toy, premium quality tool, cuts wood like butter, thanks again.    - Melvin N.   Falkland Islands 

Having used this tool for a couple of weeks now I can only say as delivered its the sharpest tool I've ever used. The blade also holds its edge well past other comparable tools. The handle can only be described as beautiful, almost a work of art. - Keith Fenton

The tools were all very solid. There was no vibration, even on hard, dry wood. The tools maintained sharpness extremely well. I used tools that had been used 10 hours on Saturday, and I turned 4 medium size pieces without sharpening. The finish was smooth enough for 320 grip to start. - Tim Freeman  Honolulu, HI

Good feel and nice cut.  - Stan Hebda  Honolulu, HI

Excellent. Feels solid and well balanced. M42 holds a quality edge and sharpens easily! I highly recommend these high quality turning tools! - Mike Chu, Honolulu, HI

I have now had time to try out your 5/8 inch bowl gouge that I purchased from Wood Craft in Hawaii.  I gave it quite a test. I have roughed out almost 100 bowls, with it, and found it to be my favorite tool for that job. The handle is great and the edge on the tool itself holds up as good as, or better than any other tool I have used. You have a Great product and we wish you all the success in the world. - Patrick Bookey, Professional Woodturner, Featured by Woodturning Design Magazine (April 2013 & April 2014) North Pole, Alaska  

I am an experienced wood worker and have been turning since the 1960’s.I have used these tools and found them to be a total delight. The tools have an excellent balance and weight. The precisely machined aluminum handle combined with the very high quality steel blade allows for a very comfortable turning experience. The steel holds a fine edge much longer than any other steel turning tools I have ever used. And I was able to touch up the edge very quickly by hand with wet stone and wet sandpaper. My initial machine sharpening did not have to be repeated during the 2 hour test run and I deliberately selected some very difficult and tough woods. - Ed B.  Seattle, Washington

I turned six wild cherry bowls , one spalted  red oak bowl ,and one spalted  hickory bowl. What I like about Your bowl gouge and radius scraper is the razor sharpness  and edge holding ability . I turned the six cherry and one red oak without sharping , had to touch up the edge of the bowl gouge with a credit card hone for the hickory . I belong to a wood turners club , at our next meeting I’m going to turn a ten inch cherry bowl in fifteen minutes using your bowl gouge and scraper.( I hope ) How well do I like CARTER AND SUN [sic] tools ? I’m having a tool sale and sell my tools I have collected over the years and purchase a complete set of your tools . ( I’m 84 ) Keep up the good work. - R.J.

Wood lathe turning tool reviews

The tool handle felt fantastic! The shape is great...  - Andy Cole, professional woodturner (Visit Andy's website for examples of his talented work.)  Honolulu, HI

Very comfortable [handle].  - Michael Gibson (Visit Michael's website for examples of his beautiful work.)

I like the weight [of the handle]. I'm impressed.  - Dave W.  Portland, Oregon

Wood lathe turning tool reviews

I purchased a ½” bow gouge a few months ago and I would rank this too at a 5. This is the first premium tool I have been able to purchase and I will purchase again. I have been wanting to start my own turning business for a while now and purchasing this tool actually gave me a boost of confidence to do so. Now I just need to sell a few things so I can get some more! Thank you Carter and Sons.  - Brian C 

This is one versatile tool! It is extremely well balanced and handles a variety of work, but the value of this tool is feeling the stability of the tool while hollowing vessels. I have come to appreciate the maneuverability and strength of the tool for hollowing more than I now depend on my name brand name carbide tools. - Roy Alvarez

First of all the tools they make are beautiful. I have always appreciated well crafted and practical tools. There are a lot of tool makers that put a lot of gizmos into their tool that get in the way but from the handle to the cutting edge, Carter and Sons have put what is important in the front, a stable tool for the sharpest cutting edge. The machining is spot on. I really like that they have put a notch in the tang for the screws to set flush. Its a simple thing but its nice to know that my tool isn't going to rotate without me feeling it my hand. I really like having a solid handle. Some tool makers have handles that you can put weight in etc. When I see that it makes me think they have not put in enough thought in designing and perfecting it. I don't want to mess around with my tools.I just want them to work and work well . As well, as quality of tools I have experience wonderful service. I had a few questions in multiple emails and they were all quickly responded from Valerie. I believe when you order one of these tools you are getting the quality of the finest rolex watch with the personal touch and service of your favorite "Mom and Pop" shop. Trust me. They are much more expensive than most tools however I have learned it is better to buy the best you can afford than buy twice. The one thing I would like to see is the ability to purchase them unsharpened so that I could shape the edge for different grinds. - Jeff McQuinn

I really liked the weight of the tool. - Joshua Fisher  Honolulu, HI