• Quality Wood lathe turning tool made in America
  • Wood lathe turning skew tool by Carter and Son Toolworks.
  • Wood lathe turning skew tool by Carter and Son Toolworks.
  • Wood lathe turning skew tool by Carter and Son Toolworks.
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1" Skew

$ 89.99

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  • Carter & Son Workmanship
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What makes a 5-star 1” skew?:  

  • Less time at the grinder, cleaner cuts at the lathe. M42 means superior wear resistance and edge sharpness.
  • Put comfort and control first with aluminum handles. 
  • Interchangeability, without compromising strength and tolerances. 
  • Hand polished, sharpened and inspected.
  • 100% American materials and manufacturing. Backed by a lifetime guarantee and hassle-free returns. 

M42 high speed steel makes the cut

It’s no wonder M42 is favored across industries. A distinct cobalt additive bumps M42’s red hardness off the charts, ensuring impressive wear resistance. And M42’s tight molecular structure produces a finer, sharper edge. 

For woodturners M42’s properties mean less time at the grinder and cleaner cuts at the lathe. Carter and Son was founded because we realized many tools are machined from subpar steel, leaving us (and you!) make far too many trips to the grinder. M42 is the optimal steel for turning wood. It holds a long-lasting razor edge and is quickly sharpened on a conventional grinder.

Handles that put comfort & control 1st 

Carter & Son handles offer comfort and control at your lathe. Aluminum is the perfect weight for a balanced feel. And the comfortable shape fits your hand. Tight tolerances achieved in our factory mean your tool and adapter fit snuggly, reducing vibration. Interchangeability is possible using our aluminum adapters. 


    • Blade measures: 1" wide, 9-1/2" overall     Thickness: 3/8"  
    • Tang size: 3/4"        Handle: 12" x 3/4" 

    Carter & Son Workmanship

    • Every tool starts with a meticulous design. For example, a unique round tang is designed for strength and chatter-reduction.
    • All our materials are certified and sourced in the United States. 
    • Throughout our precision manufacturing process we keep tolerances tight. This ensures strength, longevity, and cuts chatter. 
    • Your tool has been hand-polished, sharpened and inspected. Quality is in the details, and details are our specialty. 
    • At Carter & Son Toolworks our customers are most important. Returns are hassle-free. Our sharpening center is happy to answer questions. Give us a call or send us an email anytime. Visit our contact page. 

    In our Seattle factory meticulous designs (like a round tang for enhanced strength) meet American materials. Precision manufacturing keeps tolerances tight (boosting control and cutting chatter). And you’ll know it’s a Carter & Son tool by the personal touches. Like a hand-polished flute and  sharp edge. We get the details right. You experience quality at the lathe.

    2-Day Shipping. Free Returns.

    Priority Shipping means your tool will arrive at your lathe shortly! Orders placed before 3pm ship the same day they are placed. 

    United States  Over $175 FREE Priority 2-Day Shipping
    United States Under $175 $4.95 Priority 2-Day Shipping 
    Canada (under 20lbs) $29.99 Priority Shipping
    Canada (over 20lbs) $44.99 Standard Shipping
    International (under 20 lbs) $64.95 Priority Shipping
    International (over 20lbs) $74.95 Standard Shipping

     Returns are hassle free. Give us a call or send us an email and we'll provide you with a return mailing label and complete refund.  

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Brilliantly Crafted!

    The latest addition to my growing woodturning tool set is a Carter & Sons 1" skew. It is another example of the brilliant craftsmanship that comes with every tool carrying the Carter and Sons name. It has clean lines, a fit-like-a-glove match to the handle, and a perfectly sharp edge. It is a pleasure to use and somehow manages to blend the feelings of power and grace and lightness and heft whenever the edge touches wood. I highly recommend Carter and Sons products for any woodturning, no matter if beginning, intermediate, or advanced artist.

    Mike Mahoney Signature Tools

    I have now purchased all of Carter & Son's Mike Mahoney Tools. I have previously purchased and used some of the better lathe tools made. I enjoy turning with these Mahoney Signature Tools best of all. They are exceptionally well made, stay sharper longer, and are really enjoyable to use turning a bowl. The service from Carter & Sons is also exceptional. I am very pleased with my Carter & Sons purchases.

    Wow, I'm a believer

    I've had my Carter and Sons tools now for a few months. I wanted to really get a chance to use them a lot before submitting a review. I purchased the 1" Skew, the parting tool, the bedan and the bottom feeder bowl gouge.
    The fit and finish on these tools is amazing. When you assemble the tool, the adapter and the handle, they fit together perfectly, there is no wiggle. The tools are really hefty which takes some getting used to if you are used to wood handled tool, but that heft contributes to stability and lack of vibration.
    The tool itself comes sharpened which I really appreciate. The edge stays sharp longer than any of my other tools and when it does start to dull, a quick hone with my flat diamond hone brings it right back to a very keen edge.
    I'm currently working a contract the requires me to turn red oak. I'm using 8/4 kiln dried red oak glued up to form a 16/4 blank. The bedan and the parting too go through the oak like butter. The skew cuts so cleanly that I really don't need to sand the finished piece.
    I can't wait to try some of your other tools!

    Surgical perfection of design, supreme edge holding capabilities make these tools amazing to use!

    I have owned the skew and the detail gouge, both handled, for almost a year now and I love them! Creat craftsmanship and machining tolerances, the tools come sharp enough to shave a hair with and very well packaged and shipped!

    Great results

    I bought the 5/8" bottom bowl gouge and the 5/8" standard bowl gouge.
    I like the extra length of the gouge and the weight of the handle. They hold a great Edge. Looking forward to adding more to my collection.

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