• Beginner & starter wood cutting tools for woodworking for sale Quality wood lathe turning bowl set made in America
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  • Quality wood lathe turning bowl set made in America
  • Quality wood lathe turning bowl set made in America
  • Quality wood lathe turning bowl set made in America
  • Wood lathe turning tool bowl turning set by Carter and Son Toolworks.
  • Wood lathe turning tool bowl turning set by Carter and Son Toolworks.
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The Starter Bowl Set

$ 263.99

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Start turning bowls with cleaner cuts, a smoother finish and enhanced balance. Doesn't get much better than that! This set includes the workhorse of bowl turning, a bowl gouge, and a powerful scraper to remove cutter marks left by the gouge and provide a smooth finish. 

What makes a 5-star bowl turning set?:  

  • Superior M42 high speed steel with a 10% cobalt content, for unparalleled edge holding 
  • M42 HSS' unique durability and razor edge mean less grinding and cleaner cuts
  • Unmatched flute polish boosts the razor edge and provides efficient chip flow
  • Put comfort and control first with an interchangeable aluminum handle
  • Handcrafted in the USA, and backed by a lifetime guarantee and hassle-free returns
  • Shipped sharp with a double bevel for reduced catches and cleaner cuts

2 tools, 1 handle, 1 adapter:

  • 5/8" bowl gouge
  • 1" bowl scraper
  • 16 x 3/4" handle
  • 5/8" adapter


How This Tool Is Built

We start with the sharpest edge, and we don't stop there. Vanquish vibration, say adios to constant resharpening, and let wispy shavings fly. Delivering superior performance at your lathe drives our manufacturing. 

We’ve worked with M42 high speed steel for 4 decades, and it’s uniquely suited to woodturning. You’ll grind less - a cobalt additive provides unparalleled edge holding. And the steel produces a finer, sharper edge for clean cuts. M42 is a win-win: less grinding and smoother cuts. 

Our carefully sourced M42 starts as solid stock and is precision machined (not formed) with a unique round tang for unmatched strength. Every gouge sports a distinctive flute polish. This boosts the razor edge and provides efficient chip flow. Learn more about M42 HSS here.

Rigorous and detailed sums up our manufacturing. Each tool’s vibration-demolishing round tang has a diameter so precise you’ll hear a ‘pop’ when you pull it out of the handle. And every tool leaves our factory razor sharp and backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee. Built to last!

Rest assured our aluminum handles feel as great as they look. Perfectly weighted for balance and maneuverability, and designed to fit your hand. You’ll forget the handle is even there, in the best way possible. Two set screws secure your tool into the handle and allow removal for sharpening.

From flute polish to handle knurling, we’re not cutting corners. Whether you’re just starting out, or have been turning for decades, it’s an honor to serve you with quality tools. Learn more about our story here

Priority Shipping. Free Returns.

Priority Shipping means your tool will arrive at your lathe shortly! Once your tool has undergone our rigorous manufacturing process, we ship via priority mail for speedy delivery to your lathe. 

United States  Over $275 FREE Priority Shipping
United States  Under $275 $9.95 Priority Shipping 
Canada and International  Calculated during checkout


Returns are hassle free. Give us a call or send us an email and we'll provide you with a return mailing label and complete refund.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
johnnie stoffel
Totally impressed!

These things are amazing! Super sharp, hold an edge great, not to mention great over all service! Already picking out my next order!

Glenn Liner
Quality tools

The tools and handles i received from Carter and Son are amazing. The machining is superb and the tools come sharp and ready to put to work.
Customer service is also great and they are eager to help with your questions.

Carlos Mamone
Exceeded My Expectations

I have been wanting to buy Carter and Son's wood turning tools for some time.
But was on the edge. My worries, the price and the quality.
No more worries!
My expectations of Carter and Son's tools were met 110%.
I can't even say enough the weight, the feel i
of the tool the smooth cuts!
its buy far the best turning tool I have bought. I have been turning for over 10 years not a professional in any way. But if you want to buy a high quality turning tool, Carter and son is the one.
I can't wait to continue my collection.

Mark Edgren
Quality in Your Hands

I'd heard of Carter & Son turning tools in the same league as Sorby and similar British tools. I can say they surpass my Sorby tools. Hefty, yet well-balanced. Truly a joy to use. Looking forward to buying some more (after I sell a kidney)--just kidding--quality costs. Enjoying using them.

Stan G
Exceeded expectations!

I'm relatively new to turning and started out with a lesser quality HHS starter set. My mentor advised to spend the money and get good tools to start with. Boy, what a difference these quality tools make! I'm sure there are other good quality turning tools available, but I can't imagine anything better than Carter and Son. Sharp and ready to use. I'm on my second bowl and haven't had to sharpen yet! I've already ordered a couple more and plan to build a collection of these fine tools.

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