• Quality Wood lathe turning handle adapters.
  • Wood lathe turning tool handles and adapters by Carter and Son Toolworks.
  • Wood Lathe Turning Tools: Woodturning Adapter
  • Wood lathe turning tool handles and adapters by Carter and Son Toolworks.
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Woodturning Adapters

$ 19.99

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  • Carter & Son Workmanship
  • 2-Day Shipping. Free Returns.


Complete interchangeability is possible with premium Carter and Son Toolworks adapters. Each adapter is machined to precise parameters from aircraft grade aluminum, ensuring a chatter reducing fit between tool and handle. Our adapters will fit any 3/4” diameter handle, bringing the inside diameter down to 5/8", 1/2” or 3/8".

  • Meticulously designed by turners, for turners.
  • Lightweight yet long-lasting aluminum.
  • Groove on top makes the sleeves easy to slip in and out of the handle for a quick tool change.
  • Hand inspected.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 100% lifetime guarantee. 
Includes two necessary set screws.

Carter & Son Workmanship

  • Every tool starts with a meticulous design. For example, a unique round tang is designed for strength and chatter-reduction.
  • All our materials are certified and sourced in the United States. 
  • Throughout our precision manufacturing process we keep tolerances tight. This ensures strength, longevity, and cuts chatter. 
  • Your tool has been hand-polished, sharpened and inspected. Quality is in the details, and details are our specialty. 
  • At Carter & Son Toolworks our customers are most important. Returns are hassle-free. Our sharpening center is happy to answer questions. Give us a call or send us an email anytime. Visit our contact page. 

In our Seattle factory meticulous designs (like a round tang for enhanced strength) meet American materials. Precision manufacturing keeps tolerances tight (boosting control and cutting chatter). And you’ll know it’s a Carter & Son tool by the personal touches. Like a hand-polished flute and  sharp edge. We get the details right. You experience quality at the lathe.

2-Day Shipping. Free Returns.

Priority Shipping means your tool will arrive at your lathe shortly! 

United States  Over $175 FREE Priority 2-Day Shipping
United States Under $175 $4.95 Priority 2-Day Shipping 
Canada (under 20lbs) $29.99 Priority Shipping
Canada (over 20lbs) $44.99 Standard Shipping
International (under 20 lbs) $64.95 Priority Shipping
International (over 20lbs) $74.95 Standard Shipping

 Returns are hassle free. Give us a call or send us an email and we'll provide you with a return mailing label and complete refund.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Well thank you

I'm new to the Carter & Son tool system. I order several items not thinking I would need these adaptors. Before they sent my order they informed me that I would need these adaptors for the small bowl gouge - this is customer service for identifying my error and taking the time to explain it to me and correct it prior to me getting my shipment adverting my possible frustration not being able to use one of the unhandled tools I purchased. Top notch product and service. Made me a customer for all my future turning tools period!


Woodturning Adapters

Great Insert

Needing to "Downsize" to a 3/8" spindle gouge I purchased a 3/8" gouge and an insert for the Carter handle. Great product and less cost than a new tool with new handle.

Carter and Sons

All the tools are awesome! Straight out of the box they are perfectly sharp! Couldn’t ask for a better tool. Wish I had them all!!!

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