• 5/8" Bowl Gouge
  • 5/8" Bowl Gouge
  • 5/8" Bowl Gouge
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5/8" Bowl Gouge

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A razor edge, provided by just the right steel, is imperative for turning wood. Surprisingly, many woodturning tools are machined from subpar steel. At Carter and Son we’ve done our research and know that M42 high speed steel is the premium steel for turning wood. It hones to a fine, sharp edge and retains that edge due to a 10% content of cobalt. 

Your handle connects you to your work, that’s why we’ve carefully designed the weight and curvature of our signature handles for comfort, easy control, and chatter reduction. Each handle has two set screws to secure your tool, and knurling for grip. Our innovative handles are all made in our own factory and are patented. 

All the design work, machining, inspection and shipping of this tool is done in our Seattle factory. As a family business dedicated to engineering ingenuity, precision workmanship and a passion for turning we ensure that every tool you receive from us is perfect. Happy turning!

A quick overview of this 5/8” bowl gouge:  

  • Machined from M42 high speed steel that has been heat-treated to 68 HRC, ensuring superior edge holding ability and honing to a finer edge.
  • It has been hand-polished and inspected before leaving our Seattle factory. 
  • It was meticulously designed for turners, by turners. 
  • The aluminum handle cuts down chatter and is designed for comfort and easy control. 
  • The tool is easily removed from the handle for sharpening and interchangeability.
  • Adapters make every Carter and Son tool interchangeable. 
  • This tool is backed with a 100% lifetime guarantee.
  • Made in the USA.

5/8" bowl gouge vs 5/8" u-shaped bowl gouge: Our 5/8" u-shaped bowl gouge, also known as a 'bottom-feeder', has a 60º grind, while our 5/8" bowl gouge has a 50º grind. The tools have slightly different flute shapes as well. Our 5/8" u-shaped bowl gouge is specifically designed for removing stock from the bottom of the bowl. Our 5/8" bowl gouge is a very versatile tool and can be used to turn your bowl from start to finish.

Incredibly strong and sharp, our 5/8" Bowl Gouge offers an enhanced bowl turning experience. 

    Specifications:  Blade measures: 5/8" dia. x 13" overall  

    Flute measures: 5/8" x 8"  

    Tang: 5/8"  

    Handle Size: 16" x 3/4" with 5/8" adapter

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