You've Discovered Quality Woodturning Tools

Quality wood lathe turning tools from Carter and Son Toolworks.

Quality wood lathe turning tools at Carter and Son Toolworks.


Quality woodturning tools for sale.

Every Carter and Son tool is guaranteed for life. We're confident offering a lifetime guarantee because each tool is hand crafted to high standards of workmanship. 

Workmanship starts with our American M42 high speed steel and aluminum. Our designs represent 30 years of engineering and turning expertise. Every tool is machined with a round tang (rather than flat) for a smooth, tight fit in the handle and chatter reduction. 

Carter and Son tools are built in our own Seattle factory in the United States of America. Every tool is hand sharpened and inspected before being shipped around the world. 

There's nothing like premium. Happy turning!

 Sharp wood turning tools for sale at Carter and Son Toolworks.

Our tools are razor-sharp, and when we say razor, we mean razor. All the tools are machined from solid M42 High Speed Steel, an extremely durable, sharp grade of high speed steel. Not only is M42 HSS sharper than other grades of steel, it is also stronger because of its cobalt content. Cobalt content allows us to heat-treat our tools to 68 HRC, providing you with sharp, strong tools. Your turning will be smoother and cleaner, you'll even use less sandpaper! 

Coupled with our steel, the design of our wood turning tools is unique. Thirty years of engineering and turning experience go into the designs of our tools. At Carter and Son we undertake extreme care to ensure to each and every tool design is safe, easy to use and strong. 

A feature that all our gouges sport is a flat. This flat provides the set screws, which secure the tool into the handle, a solid place to rest and prevents wear on the tool's tang. Going the extra mile is our specialty, which is why your Carter and Son tool slides 3" into the handle, rather than the conventional 2". This cuts down on chatter and gives your tool extra strength. All of our tools are also shipped sharp, and ready to use. 

Wood lathe turning tool handles for sale at Carter and Son Toolworks.

 Every wood turner knows that their handle connects them to their work. We've designed our handles for power, safety and comfort. Each handles is turned from aircraft grade aluminum, offering you chatter reduction and maneuverability. Bored out for the perfect even feel, you can fill the handles with lead for additional weight. 

The shape of our handles fit your hand comfortably and knurling on the front end of the handle offers grip. Because of the even weight of the handle, we've found that they are comfortable for every hand size. Each of our premium handles comes equipped with two set screws to secure your tool tightly into the handle. We make sure to keep our tolerances tight, your tool will fit within .002th of an inch into your handle. This not only reduces chatter but also keeps you safe. 

 Wood lathe turning tools at Carter and Son Toolworks

Step 1: Order a bit and handle set or simply your desired length of 3/4” diameter handle.

Step 2: Add to your collection by purchasing tool bits and corresponding adapters.

Step 3: Start making wood chips with easily interchangeable tools!

Premium is now interchangeable. Machined from solid aluminum, our interchangeable sleeves are lightweight and long-lasting. With a groove on the top, the sleeves are easy to slip in and out of your handle for a quick tool change. Manufactured completely in our Seattle factory, each sleeve is hand-polished and represents Carter and Son Toolworks quality and innovation. 

Three sizes of adapters, 5/8”, 1/2” and 3/8” fit either length of our 3/4” diameter handle. Start with our signature 16” x 3/4” or 12” x 3/4” handle then add tools and corresponding adapters. One handle - every tool.